Break Time: Avengers

Nolan Galido May 21, 2012 0
Break Time: Avengers

This past month the epic superhero movie, Avengers, came on to the scene breaking box office records. In 15 days it had gross over 415 Million Dollars, yes million! You’ve most likely have already watched this movie but if for some reason you haven’t, maybe you weren’t born yet or you were in a coma, stop reading this blog and head to your nearest movie theater.


Many people in Asia, including myself, was privileged to watch this movie a few weeks before it was released in the U.S but many in the U.S. were treated with a special ending. After the movie finished they revealed the next main character who will start in the sequel and then  after the rest of the credits there was one last scene.

After a long day of apocalyptic battles the last scene has the Avengers relaxing in a restaurant eating shawarmas. In the background you see a waiter cleaning up from the aftermath of battles that occurred and the Avengers are hanging out together eating.

We can learn something from the Avengers. After a long strenuous season we still have to find time to take a break. When is the last time you just sat down and relaxed? Part of being successful in time management is planning times to just have fun. So this week make sure to set a time to just do that. Maybe it’s having a shawarma with friends or going to the movies to watch Avengers. Whatever it is just take the time to have fun.

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